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09 Jan 2022

WTF Is ACF? Should I Take This Potion?

Okay, neighbors! You’ve heard all about our What’s Your ACF Face challenge, but maybe you’re still wondering what all the hype is about. Here’s the post you’ve been waiting for: WTF is ACF?

ACF is an herbal supplement that facilitates rapid immune response and support with a full, functioning blend of vitamins, minerals and botanicals. It’s completely safe for those with allergies - dairy, gluten, wheat and yeast and contains no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives or flavors. It’s even vegetarian friendly! Truthfully, most of us think it doesn’t always taste the best (just ask one of our owners, Kevin), but it does what it needs to. (Some of our ACF Face challengers have actually enjoyed it and found it refreshing! Take a look on our TikTok or Instagram: @NutsNBerriesATL.)


Ok, cool, but… what’s even in this stuff?

ACF is chock full of high potency of best-of-the-best ingredients to make sure your body has what it needs to fight off varying illnesses and offer ongoing immune support.

Let’s take a look:

  • Vitamin C and Rutin:
    • Good ole antioxidants. These guys – and gals – help neutralize and break down free radicals in your body. What are free radicals? We’re glad you asked! Free radicals are compounds that can become harmful if levels become too high. Some examples are: smoke, radiation from the sun, and even nutrients broken down from food. Rutin is a flavonoid, or a plant pigment, that comes from fruits and veggies. It enhances the work that vitamin C does, helping your body use the vitamin, so they go hand-in-hand, working together in the ACF formula.
  • Zinc
    • Zinc is a KEY nutrient in immune function. It helps fight off bacteria and viruses and keeps your metabolism working hard. Our bodies need zinc to help our T-cells: those fighters that are responsible for staving off infections. Science has shown us that increased levels of zinc directly correlate with T-cell responsiveness. A daily intake of zinc is usually recommended because our bodies don’t have a natural way of storing this mineral.
  • Echinacea and Elderberry Extract
    • Echinacea and elderberry are both great for general immune boosting. They can improve and reduce the duration of coughing, a sore throat, inflammation, and most fever and flu symptoms. Elderberry is also an antioxidant, so just like Vitamin C and rutin, it helps fight free radicals. Research shows echinacea also increases the white blood cell count – those cells that help fight off infections. Let’s give echinacea its props!
  • Magnesium
    • Like zinc, magnesium is a mineral. Among magnesium’s many roles and benefits, in this formula it works hard to reduce inflammation. Chronic inflammation can solicit and worsen infections. Studies have shown that magnesium also plays a starring role in recruiting and putting to work those T-cells that zinc works to boost.
  • Osha
    • Osha is a root extract that has been used for centuries for varying ailments and illnesses. Today, it works as a powerful decongestant, helps ease coughs and assists the immune system in fighting respiratory infections. Studies also show that osha may help fight oxidative stress, which is the result of having more free radicals (which are harmful) and not enough antioxidants (which fight free radicals).
  • Usnea
    • This beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It’s not a plant, mineral or vitamin! Usnea is somewhere between an algae and fungus; it’s a lichen. (Some say this is what gives ACF such a nice twang.) This tonic aids the immune system in beating a slew of ailments, infections and illnesses from sinus infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, strep throat, flues, to urinary tract and bladder infections. It’s even more powerful when paired with echinacea like it is in ACF. It contains loads of usnic acid and polyphenols, which are a type of antioxidant (read: stable compounds) that fights free radicals (read: unstable compounds) in your body.
  • Goldenseal
    • Goldenseal is considered a natural antibiotic, especially when it comes to upper respiratory tract infections like the common cold! One of its main active compounds, berberine, helps fight infections caused by bacteria and viruses. When goldenseal is combined with echinacea, its functionality goes into overdrive.
  • Myrrh and Thyme
    • These powerhouses are both great at killing bacteria. Myrrh is especially good at easing general pain and swelling, while thyme works hard to alleviate cough. (Psst – it feels so good because it’s from the mint family!)
  • Purified Silver
    • Purified silver, also known as colloidal silver, eases a lot of chest congestion you get with the flu. It also stimulates the immune system so that the body can heal itself naturally.
  • Citrus Bioflavonoids
    • Bioflavonoids are a group of compounds found in plants, vegetables and fruits. The flavonoids in ACF are particular to citruses. They increase blood flow and decrease the achy, swollen feeling most people get when they’re sick.
  • White Willow Bark
    • The bark of the white willow tree (and sometimes shrub) contains a natural version of aspirin called salicin. White willow bark also has key bioflavonoids that are known for having anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient is what will help relieve any aches and pains you may experience. It’s great for headaches, back pain, fever, and the flu.

So, you see, ACF has your back, front, side, top and bottom covered! It’s a comprehensive formula ready to fight; it’s your armor!

Who should be taking ACF and why?

Anyone (and we think everyone) can take ACF! Think you’re getting sick? Take ACF. Getting ready to travel? Take ACF. Going to a big event with lots of folks? Take ACF. In the midst of a raging infection or virus? Take ACF. It’s meant to be taken over a short 4-day period to kickstart your immune system and amplify the effects of everything working in your body. If you want to boost your recovery to the MAX, adults 12 years and up should try ACF Advanced Immune Response.

Want your kids (ages 2 and up) to fend off those germs at school and the playground? Go ahead and give them Children’s ACF Advanced Immune Response. This variety is formulated specifically for kids, with 14 immune-supporting ingredients that are designed to help their more vulnerable immune systems.

What’s most powerful about ACF is that it’s a liquid vitamin, mineral and supplement blend, meaning it is a lot easier for your body to absorb and put to use than a barrier-covered vitamin capsule. And with ACF, you only have to take 1-2 tablespoons once a day. You can mix it with your favorite fruit juice for an even yummier boost to get your body back on track. Whether it be the common cold or a stomach bug creeping its way into your life, ACF is your best friend.

Get your ACF! Because who has time or wants to be sick anyway?



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