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17 Apr 2023

Fuel your muse.

Life's stressful, let's face it.  Creative people like us often find it difficult to tap into our brain's right hemisphere when we are stressed out.  Sometimes, the fog is so thick we just can't push past it.  But there's a hack that I use to kick my brain into gear, clear the fog and start the creative juices flowing.  Fittingly, it's a product called Creativity Boost. 

Creativity Boost is a gummy made by Luna CBD that combines Delta 8 THC and CBG, two cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.  The CBG works in the body to help balance out the stress resulting in clarity and focus.  Add that to the mental enhancement that a little bit of THC gives and let the creativity flow!  The Delta 8 THC is slightly less potent then it's bigger "sister" Delta 9 THC and so the high isn't as intense, but rather just helpful enough to push through that stress and open the mind to possibility. 

What I love most about hemp-derived cannabis products are that they support balance in the body.  Every person has something called an endocannabinoid system, which is a series of receptors, enzymes and endogenous cannabinoids.  Endo -what?  Endogenous means made from within.  Our bodies make chemical compounds called endocannabinoids.  Anadamide is the most well known and it binds to receptors throughout the body to help keep our mood and mental state balanced.  When we are deficient in anandamide, we are stressed, anxious and event depressed.  Most American's are anadamide deficient and so we often need some assistance from plant medicine to fill the gaps where a healthy diet can't always reach.

THC, CBD and CBG and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant that when taken internally support the balance of our endocannabinoid system.  THC works very much like anadamide and binds to receptors in our brain.  This binding is what makes us feel high.  Delta 8 THC doesn't bind as strongly and so we have a more pleasant, less intense high. This is great for beginners and those looking for a productive solution to mental blocks.  THC has been used for centuries to support balance, to manage pain and to open the mind to a broader understanding of life. 

To learn more about THC and how it works to support balance in the body, check out our upcoming FREE Education on April 25th at 6:30PM at our Brookhaven Neighborhood Market.  Reserve your spot here>

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