THCa Flower

Our premium hemp derived THCa prerolls and flower are produced from hemp proudly grown organically in the USA!

THCA flower is a form “hemp flower” that is high in the cannabinoid THCA. THCA flower can legally be sold as as long as the total Delta-9 THC is below the limit for hemp flower which is .3% of dry weight. 

Heat and Time Transform THCA Into THC

In the world of cannabis, the process of transforming THCA into THC is called decarboxylation, and it can occur through heat or time. When cannabis is smoked or vaporized, heat instantly transforms THCA into THC, allowing for the immediate effects many consumers are looking for.

Are you wondering if THCA flower can provide the same potency as regular cannabis? The answer is yes.

While THCA Flower can produce similar effects to traditional cannabis when heated, THCA Flower possesses several unique characteristics. For instance, THCA flower is non-euphoric in its raw form, offering different benefits than regular cannabis such as helping with concentration and focus, as well as maintaining healthy energy levels.