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17 Jun 2020

What is the new organic revolution anyway?

It’s a questioning of everything we have ever been taught to be true. Sparked in 2015 by a desire for the understanding of how hemp products are produced, owner Mari Geier realized that the same seed to shelf questions should be applied to every ingredient in every product in her store. Transparency is a term that is thrown around regularly but most people don’t have the time or resources to actually do the work. Mari felt like it was the responsibility of the retail health food store to do the digging.

It’s called the New Organic Revolution because the first organic revolution began over 40 years ago when natural food stores brought the concept of organic food that wasn’t sprayed with pesticides to the public. Since then the USDA created a program to label foods organic. But we have also seen things like food dyes, Genetically modified organisms and new technologies added to our food from the seed level to post harvest. And unfortunately many of these additives directly or indirectly may cause major health issues from neurotoxicity to cancer. Food and body care manufacturers have figured out ways to get around the labeling rules and in some cases trick the consumer to think they are eating something that is healthy when it’s not (greenwashing).

Nuts ‘n Berries seeks to protect the end consumer and provide you with truthful education so you can make the best decision for yourself and your family.

Nuts ‘n Berries began serving the Brookhaven community forty years ago in August when then owners, Mark and Soodi Kick brought their vision of fresh organic food to the community. Now owners Mari Geier and Kevin Parker invite you to join them on a new journey as they lead the New Organic Revolution beyond the label, connecting you with the products you put in and on your body and demanding higher standards for those products.

We encourage you to join the Nuts ‘n Berries community as we all strive for true healthy living in a new world.

Mari Geier
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