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23 Jun 2020

Trust us to help you stay healthy as you head out into more crowded areas

This summer is like no other we have ever experienced.  Nationwide, people are fearful as they venture out of their houses into crowded areas like beaches, resorts and popular vacation spots.  Many businesses remain closed and those that can work from home are staying put. 

But as the sunny days ware on, and restrictions are lifted, more and more people are venturing out.  After weeks and possibly months of being cooped up, our immune systems may not be ramped up enough to protect us from all the germs (not just COVID) flying around.  Here are some simple steps to follow as you prepare to encounter larger groups of people.

  1. Be prepared.  This isn't just the motto for the Boy Scouts.  Make sure you have small bottles of hand sanitizer in your car and purse.  Stock up on hand soap for extra hand washing.  Keep a few disposable masks in your car in case you forget yours.
  2. Immunity toolbox. A strong immune system is built.  Must haves for this season are...
    1. Vitamin D - 2000-5000iu daily
    2. Vitamin C - 500mg 3-4x a day in microdose
    3. Medicinal Mushroom Blend to build a wide immune system
    4. Astragalus to build cell strength and protect against invasion
    5. Elderberry to boost your immune system as you head back out
    6. Zinc - 50mg daily to protect against corona establishment in the lungs
    7. NAC - to protect the lungs and support the immune system
  3. Eat to support a healthy inflammatory response.  Avoid inflammatory foods like gluten and diary.  Try to eat more fruits and veggies.  Your immune system will thank you by working better
  4. Fill the gaps.  We can't always eat well. And sometimes we like to splurge. But remember that a daily plant based multi-vitamin can help us fill the gaps. Our favorite line is New Chapter which combines fermented vitamins with herbs for well rounded support.

Trust us to help you stay healthy as you head back into more crowded areas.  With these few simple steps you can build your immune system now for a less stressful summer.  Stop into Nuts 'n Berries to pick up these products and more.  Now conveniently located in Brookhaven and Decatur.

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