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10 Jan 2023

The Best Choice for Fighting Acute Pain

By Terry Lemerond

For most people, dealing with acute pain—the sudden onset of pain that comes from a
physically exhausting day at work, a sudden twist of your ankle, or the pull of your
shoulder—means reaching for a bottle of an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen,
aspirin, or acetaminophen (some brand names you may be familiar with are Advil and
Tylenol). But those quick fixes come at a price.

Over-the-counter painkillers can destroy the stomach lining, put incredible stress on the
liver, have a dangerous blood thinning effect, and even change the way people think and
experience emotions.

I prefer botanicals that offer a safer and just as effective alternative. A combination of
curcumin, boswellia, and black sesame seed oil have been shown to reduce pain as well
as and as quickly as the over the counter drug acetaminophen—without the risk of
dangerous side effects.

Curcumin, boswellia & black sesame seed oil:

  • Relieves pain as quickly—and safer—than acetaminophen.
  • Reduces inflammation throughout the body.
  • Can be used frequently without risk of negative side effects.
  • Shown to be 8.5 times better at reducing the emotional stress of pain. Distress makes
    pain worse.

Stop in to Nuts 'n Berries or visit our online store for all your acute pain needs.  For more information on this and other botanicals visit TTN Publishing.


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