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17 Oct 2019


 Manipulating nature often has a ripple effect of unforeseen consequences. What we have found in the 20 years since the first GMO crops were introduced is an increase in cancer rates in the US, an increase in childhood diseases and issues like ADHA, autism and food allergies.
 There is a very good chance that many of the things are linked to the residue of the active ingredient in roundup, glyphosate, found in the very foods that are supposed to make us healthy. Vegans used soy based products for years to provide a rich protein source. Children across America woke up to cereals filled with corn and sugar from sugar beets. These foundational products in the American diet have been genetically modified for decades and we didn’t know it.  But now we do. 
And we have to act.
As of 2019, an estimated 80% of conventionally processed foods in the US contain genetically modified organisms. 64 countries around the world require GMO labeling or have banned the sale and production of GMO’s. While our country might not be ready to do that, we are! Stand with us in the coming years to say no to genetically modified organisms in our food and say yes to local, organic and Non-GMO products that truly make us healthy. 
Long live the little (Non-GMO) guy!
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