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01 Jun 2017

Making the Switch from Conventional to Local

Have you been thinking about how to shop for more local, sustainable produce that is also organic?  It can be overwhelming  Let us help you with these 5 tips from local food guru, Heather Welsh.

  1. Sign up for a CSA.  What’s a CSA?  Community Supported Agriculture is a way for consumers to buy local, seasonal produce directly from a farmer in their community.  And now we even have great options online, like Nature’s Garden Express.  Nuts ‘n Berries partners with Nature’s Garden Express to provide all the benefits of the CSA with the convenience of pick-up in our store or delivery to your door!  Save $10 on your first box when you use code 48c3a.
  2. Check out Aldi or alternative grocery stores.
  3. Determine your good, better, best options for fruits and veggies.  Shop organic always for the dirty dozen fruits and then when possible for other things.
  4. Buy frozen berries and organic sugar from Costco.
  5. Get your friends on board and form a co-op so you can all save and reap the benefits.

If local food and learning about the source of what you eat is important to you, then check out Heather Welsh’s Local Food Class starting August 1st! It’s all online!  See below for details.

Local Food/Ingredient Intensive Class
Aug 1st – Sept 2nd

Heather Welsh will lead us on a 5 week long journey through the ins and outs of local food, proper food preparations and ingredient sleuthing. Each day we will discuss at least one food item or food group in depth and 1 ingredient often found in personal products.

We will cover sourcing so that no matter where you are located you will know what to look for and the questions to ask. When possible online resources for quality products that can’t be found locally will be provided that can be obtained at a great price.

Course will be taught nightly on in a private Facebook group from 9-10pm through Video’s, Posts and Q & A. Using this medium will ensure that you will not miss anything because everything will be posted for everyone to see. So if you are out a night or two you can easily catch up.

Also included will be 2 – 2 hour long group conference calls, a trip to Dekalb Farmers Market and a local farmers market. Those in the class will select dates and times once we have selected a farmers market.

Course content will be dictated by the students with Heather’s guidance. This will be a very interactive class.

Class cost $120 per person. Please paypal $120 and select the “friends and family” option if possible to [email protected].

Once you have paid you will be added to the class.
Contact [email protected] or 770-367-5298 for questions.

Heather is a Consumer Advocate and local food Consultant. Her Goal is to help bring quality nutrient dense local food to families and children in the most affordable manner possible. Serving for over 10 years as a Weston a Price Chapter leader, offering Local Food Cooking and Fermentation Classes and leading tours at several Pastured Based Farms in and around the Atlanta Area, Heather has developed a keen understanding and appreciation for quality food and the methods used to produce it. Furthermore her previous experience as a Sourcing Director for a local organic restaurant offers additional understanding to the importance of seasonality and what to look out for when dining out.

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