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06 Dec 2019

Juicing to Recover from Too Much Holidaying

Turkey, stuffing, wine, cookies, more wine, stuffing, potatoes, pie, more pie…

If you have consumed any of these items over the past several weeks you may be suffering from a phenomenon known as “Too Much Holidaying”.  Nuts ‘n Berries has the prescription to reset your body and get you ready for round 2 in December!  A Holiday Juice Cleanse to give your body a recovery break so you can spend more time Holidaying and less time in bed.

Still not convinced?  Here are 5 reasons why you want to join our One Day Group Holiday Juice Cleanse next Thursday, December 12th.

  1. It’s what your body needs.  100% organic, raw, unpasteurized, non-HPP, freshly made fruits and vegetables. 
  2. It’s easy.  There are enough calories and juices to keep you full all day.
  3. Reinvigorate!  This kickstart will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the holidays and blast into the New Year.
  4. Refresh your digestion process.  Giving your body a break from digesting complex foods can sometime spark healing.
  5. Feel great the next day.  Unlike drinking too much or eating sugary or fatty foods, a juice cleanse leaves you feeling better the next day.  And who doesn’t want that?
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