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22 Jun 2020

Meet the Friendliest Group of Health Nuts in Decatur

Store ManagerMeet Karon!
Change is necessary in life.

How do you manage the stress related to change? CBD, working out, specifically cardio is my go to.  I can run from Decatur to Brookhaven and back sometimes.

Favorite Stress Product:  Luna Extra Strength 1500mg CBD


salesMeet Stan

Change is good.  Change for the better is a necessary thing.

How do you manage the stress related to change? A deep dive into my favorite music, hanging with my dog, some physical activity like yoga or a jog. 

Favorite Stress Product:  White sage

EmbassadorMeet Maya!

How we decide to react to change makes a world of difference.  Positively accepting change means growing and adapting with grace for yourself and others.

How do you manage the stress related to change?  Realizing when I'm feeling stressed helps me to deal with it.  Lately taking everything "day by day" keeps me grounded and more focused.  I also love to be outside on the new area of the Beltline.

Favorite Stress Product: Luna Extra Strength 1500mg CBD in the morning and Wyld CBD gummies before bed

General managerMeet Dave, our General Manager

Change is exciting!

How do you manage the stress related to change? Laughter.

Favorite Stress Product: Did most people say booze?

KitchenMeet Heather, our Chef and Kitchen Manager

I like change, it can be good. Kitchen life has certainly changed alot over the past months.  It's been a major adjustment wearing masks in the kitchen, but we make it work.

How do you manage the stress related to change? Laugh it off and blast some Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Air drums every morning in the kitchen are a must.

Favorite Stress Product: Luna THC Free Tincture. One dropper full in the morning and evening does the trick.

SalesMeet George

Change is usually for the better...usually.

How do you manage the stress related to change? Quality time with loved ones

Favorite Stress Product: Clean Cause Yerba Mate helps me destress

SalesMeet Sierra

Change is inevitable.  It's practically impossible to stay the same.

How do you manage the stress related to change? I do meditation in the morning and then again during the day on something specific I want to focus on.  Also being out in nature keeps me grounded.

Favorite Stress Product: Candles, epsom salt and essential oils in the bath

SalesMeet Cyrus

Change is inevitable so you have to embrace it!

How do you manage the stress related to change? Physical exercise, playing music and sleeping.  I like all sorts of exercise like running, biking, rock climbing and skate boarding!

Favorite Stress Product: I love to add blended frozen organic fruits and veggies to my water which helps me stay hydrated and that makes a huge difference.

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