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23 May 2021

All The Juicy Details

We’re back! Just in time to give you all the juicy details before you start your cleanse. Let’s pick up where we left off.



There’s “healthy” and then there’s HEALTHY. All of our juices are 100% organic and cold-pressed without any added sugar like you find in your run-of-the-mill juices. So why does this matter? Read on, my juicy friends…



Confused by all of the labels attached to so many juices? Us, too. Let’s just stick with the two most important when selecting a juice, especially for a cleanse.

  • Cold Pressed: This juicing method allows for the preservation of the good stuff. The juice from the fruit or vegetable retains all of the nutrients – vitamins, minerals, and enzymes – because no heat is used.
  • Organic: Y’all know how we feel about organic: it’s the only way to go! When non-organic fruits and vegetables are used in juices, you consume all of the chemicals and pesticides used to grow those produce items. Now, what’s the point of a “healthy cleanse” if you’re just going to put icky stuff back in? There isn’t one, but we’ll wait…



NO CHEATING! Follow the recommended servings and outlined schedule as best you can. This allows the body to absorb, digest and detoxify in the way that particular juice cleanse was designed. Otherwise, you’re not getting the full benefit of each nutrient at the optimal time in the most favorable amount. And why would you go through the trouble of a cleanse if you won’t be able to reap the rewards? You wouldn’t. So, do it right!


Okay, so what are the juices already? And what does each one accomplish?


  1. WAKE: Lemon Water:
    1. Primes the system for the day (am I really ready for this?).
  2. 8AM: Celery Juice:
    1. Alkalinizes the body to provide homeostasis for the cleanse (Okay, let’s do it!).
  3. 10AM: Super C w/ Elderberry
    1. Fires that immune system with a big boost from the elderberry (That was ahhhhmaaazing).
  4. 12PM: Emperor’s Broth:
    1. Locks in and fortifies the immune system (A cold? What’s that?).
  5. 2PM: Beet Boost:
    1. Energy boost (Whew, gotta beat this nap that’s calling!).
  6. 4PM Boosted Greens:
    1. Extra nutrients and enzymes to balance and amplify the cleanse (Just to make sure…).
  7. 6PM: Lemon Ginger:
    1. A little spice to aid in digestion and cleanse the system (Okay, finally, it’s time for the toxins to hit the road.).
  8. 8PM: Popeye's Punch
    1. Ending on one final punch for all your bodily systems for the day (I did it!).


Are you getting juicy with us? Click here to check out now and pick up your juice on Tuesday, 5/25.  

Some more readings on why organic, especially in fruits and vegetables, is important:



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