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04 Nov 2019



November 2018

  • Top Headline:  Why people love CBD?  The cannabis product that won’t get you high. The New York Times is talking about it. is taking about it.  But what is it?
  • Fact:  CBD, or cannabidiol will not get you high.
  • Fiction:  CBD from hemp is different than CBD from cannabis or marijuana.  This is 100% incorrect.
  • What we learned:  Botanically speaking, the plant that produces both CBD and THC (THC is the compound that gets you “high”), come from the plant Cannabis sativa.  The varieties that product high levels of CBD often tend to produce small amounts of THC and have been classified as hemp for purposes of propagation.  Under the 2014 Farm Bill, the exact limits set were that anything containing less than 0.3% THC by volume is considered hemp and is legal to grow under a pilot program in the US.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries: 
    • Nuts’ n Berries launches ecomm site selling CBD online.
    • Partners with Motherhood Unstressed to bring in the Green Tea/Ashwaghanda/CBD capsules


December 2018

  • Top Headline: President Trump signs 2018 Farm Bill, federally legalizing the growth of hemp and removing CBD from the controlled substances list.
  • Fact:  Cannabis sativa with THC levels below 0.3% are now treated as an agricultural commodity and states can begin to write and enact laws to regulate the growth of this new crop.
  • Fiction:  Even though the law was signed, it is still not legal to grow hemp in Georgia.  And not everyone can just start throwing seeds in the ground.  There will be regulation at the state and local level.  Nothing happens overnight.  It will take time to get laws written, set up administrative departments and regulate this new crop.
  • What we learned:  Patience.  Well maybe we didn’t learn about patience, yet.  But we will.  We also learned that the FDA has opinions on what is and is not considered CBD. And we learned that the FDA, while having opinions, does not ultimately enforce laws.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Austin & Kat’s CBD Dog Treats
    • Therapeutic Treats CBD Chocolate Bars


January 2019

  • Top Headline: How will the FDA regulate CBD?
  • Fact:  This is the beginning of mass confusion as to what is legal, and what is not.  Business owners call it “the grey.”  Not illegal.  Consumers do not benefit from lack of regulation as not all players are well-intentioned.  Nuts ‘n Berries raised the bar for entry into retail by creating a detailed, 3-part application process for any new CBD company that puts the emphasis on proving/verifying their products are clean, legitimate and produced legally.
  • Fiction:  CBD is a drug and therefore cannot be added to a supplement.  This statement is thrown around by the FDA and the media a bunch.  Truth is, CBD, or cannabidiol, in a specific formulation has been approved as an FDA drug through a company called GW Pharmaceuticals. The drug, Epidiolex, is used to treat two types of seizure disorders in children.  The products we sell in our retail store are created from organically grown hemp (cannabis with below 0.3% THC).  Most of these products are “full spectrum” and contain more than just CBD making them plant extracts and different than what the drug company uses.
  • What we learned:  That we have to learn more.  We have to understand how the products we consume are produced beyond just at the farm.  Understanding how our medicine and supplement products are made is important.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Restorative Botanicals including Boulder CBD Gummies and CBD Caramels


February 2019

  • Top Headline: More regulations needed!
  • Fact:  Reports from third-party testing showed that many CBD companies are selling hemp seed oil with little to no CBD in them, and mislabeling their products. 
  • Fiction:  Not all hemp-derived CBD is snake oil.  Truth is, labeling is a disaster in the industry.  Without a leader in the regulation department (FDA/USDA), companies are left to guess what they are allowed to put on the label. Some companies list total cannabinoid content (CBD plus all the other cannabinoids like CBG, CBDA, CBG, THC) while others list only CBD in milligrams. 
  • What we learned:  Talking to a human is always the best way to ensure you are taking the right amount and that you understand what you are taking.  Whether it is the Nuts ‘n Berries hemp buyer talking to the farmer, formulator or cannabis lab people to make sure the products on the shelves are represented correctly - or the customer speaking with one of the hemp CBD experts at Nuts ‘n Berries - a conversation beats an internet description every time.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Local vendors, Paryani Foods and Golda Kombucha make CBD infused bon bons and kombucha
    • Mr. Moxey’s Calm CBD Peppermints


March 2019

  • Top Headline: Suddenly CBD is everywhere, here’s what’s next.  News outlets are calling it the gold rush.
  • Fact:  With CBD in gas stations and Walgreens, it’s more important now than ever to know your source.  Shop local.
  • Fiction: CBD claims are rampant and science is behind.  People are claiming that CBD does everything from calm anxiety to stopping seizures to replacing pain medications.  Truth is, CBD is just one molecule in the cannabis plant.  CBD doesn’t do anything. The human body does.  CBD just happens to work with the human body’s natural system known as the Endocannabinoid System to help many of the body’s OTHER systems find balance.  The cool thing is that CBD is very similar in structure chemically to a naturally occurring compound in our body, so it can be of help when the body is short on that chemical.  Just like we supplement Vitamin D for example, CBD can work to support the body when it’s in need.  It may or may not be a cure, but it is a pretty big deal for many people.
  • What we learned:  CBD is not a cure-all, but so many people are finding relief and coming back for more time and time again.  We also learned that not one brand or strain of CBD works for everyone.  So don’t give up if you try one brand and it doesn’t work.  Visit us at Nuts ‘n Berries and we will help you find the brand that works best for you.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Innovative CBD lozenges
    • Luna CBD introduced Extra Strength MCT daytime tincture


April 2019

  • Top Headline: CBD lures stressed out parents looking to unwind.  From parents to executives, everyone is dabbling in CBD.
  • Fact:  Our bodies produce a chemical called anandamide.  Named after the Sanskrit word for bliss, anandamide works in the body by flooding receptors in our brain that keep us even and relaxed.  (It’s actually a little more complicated than that.  Check this out for more info:  When too much anandamide is destroyed in our system, we feel stressed.  One of the ways CBD works in our body is to reduce the breakdown of anandamide.  The more naturally occurring anandamide we have, the better we feel.
  • Fiction:  Just because CBD won’t get you high, doesn’t mean you won’t fail a drug test.  If you get drug tested and are concerned with losing your job, it is best to avoid full or broad spectrum cannabis products.  Drug tests can show a “false positive” depending on what compounds they test for. And remember, hemp derived CBD products can contain low levels of THC. Not enough to get you high, but when used in higher doses on a regular basis, could concentrate in your fat cells and result in a positive drug test. 
  • What we learned:  Not all broad spectrum label claims are the same.  Some people use broad spectrum to mean THC free, while others use it is describe their extraction process.  The ONLY way to ensure you are not getting ANY amount of THC is to use a CBD isolate product.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Innovative CBD lozenges
    • Barlean’s Chocolate Swirl CBD


May 2019

  • Top Headline:  Legal or not?  A look at the confusing laws in GA.  Georgia Governor Kemp signs HB213 outlining a plan for hemp cultivation and extraction in the state of GA.
  • Fact:  Just because a bill is signed doesn’t mean the law goes into effect immediately.  No legal crops will be produced in 2019 in Georgia.
  • Fiction:  Georgia grown products are not possible, yet.  Farmers are not permitted to grow and no one is permitted to extract cannabinoids or create extracts in the state of Georgia until the regulations are complete.  Anyone claiming to have a product made in Georgia can only be formulating with a legal hemp extract or bottling here.
  • What we learned:  The government is slow and we still have to be patient.  The good news is other states like Oregon and Colorado are already producing amazing products that are available on the shelves of your local health food stores like Nuts ‘n Berries.  You can still support local by choosing brands that have offices in Atlanta and employee local people – companies like Luna CBD, Motherhood Unstressed, Lupa’s Kitchen, Golda Kombucha, Paryani Foods, Heaven & Health and Therapeutic Treats.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Luna CBD bath bombs



June 2019

  • Top Headline:  The FDA takes a hard look at CBD.  After a huge hearing on May 31 where hundreds of concerned parties including top CBD companies presented their case, now the FDA has to review.
  • Fact:  CBD is legal to possess, purchase and consume, and now, to carry across state lines. 
  • Fiction:  Just because CBD is sold in the drug store, doesn’t mean that it’s scientifically proven.  Bubble gum flavored CBD tinctures and CBD edibles with Red Dye 40 are all over the market.  The research that has been done is on unflavored extracts, so use caution when matching up your health needs to unwarranted claims.
  • What we learned:  It will be months, if not years before the FDA takes action on regulating the retail sales of CBD product so we have to do it ourselves.  Nuts ‘n Berries increased their commitment to their current CBD partners that operate transparently and provide up-to-date Certificates of Analysis (COA)’s on all products to ensure every batch and every bottle was accurately represented to the end consumer.  CBD is here to stay and we are ready to provide the best selection and the highest quality.  Trust us to do the work for you so you can find balance faster.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Wyld CBD Gummies hit the shelves
    • Winged CBD Gummies hit the shelves
    • Charlotte’s Web CBD canine treats


July 2019

  • Top Headline: Everyone want’s in the game.  Hemp is the new cash crop of cannabis.  But will it live up to the hype?
  • Fact:  There are more people getting into farming hemp now than ever.
  • Fiction:  These prices will not hold.  The race to the bottom has begun and retailers and consumers, alike are starting to see price decreases.  As more hemp becomes available on the market, prices will continue to drop.  Where the bottom will be is uncertain, but many of the companies entering the market now will not continue to see such elevated prices.
  • What we learned:  As more hemp raw materials become available, the prices go down, but sometimes so does the quality.  Remember that just because you can buy it in Kroger or CVS doesn’t mean you should.  If you are consuming CBD as a health supplement, consider the source, and when appropriate consider paying a bit more for quality.  And as always, stick with a trusted retailer like Nuts ‘n Berries for your hemp-derived CBD needs.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Weller CBD coconut bites
    • Cirrus CBD Sparkling Water


August 2019

  • Top Headline:  CBD hits professional athletes.  Gronk announces partnership with a CBD company that uses Charlotte’s Web oil to make its products. 
  • Fact:  CBD is here to stay.
  • Fiction:  Just because a celebrity endorses a CBD company doesn’t make their products superior.  The company Gronk endorses uses Charlotte’s Web oil to make their product.  Why not just purchase from Charlotte’s Web to ensure quality?
  • What we learned:  Customers are more confused than ever, but those that have found the products they love, tell everyone.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Kill Cliff CBD Energy/Recovery Drink
    • Green Earth Medicinals Cinnamon and Lemon Ginger flavored CBD oil


September 2019

  • Top Headline:  What women want in cannabis products - Edibles!
  • Fact:  Consuming CBD products as gummies is a convenient way to get your daily supplementation.  When you eat your hemp CBD supplement, it must be digested (first pass metabolism) and in doing so, some of the potency is lost.  So when you consume a 25mg gummy, you actually only absorb 10-20%.  However, those 2.5-5 milligrams of CBD will hang around to support you longer than if you inhaled or used a sublingual.
  • Fiction: Don’t compare your CBD milligram intake to anything you have ever used containing THC. If you have consumed THC in a state where it’s legal, you need to know that you will likely need very small doses of THC comparted to CBD.  Because of absorption rates, you can safely consume multiple CBD gummies a day.  Remember to start low and slow. No sense in eating a bunch of gummies if you can’t absorb the CBD.  Finding the right serving size for you might take a few weeks.  Don’t give up.
  • What we learned:  CBD is not a “one size fits all” product. What works for you might not work for the next person.  And like tinctures, not all gummies are created equal.  But edibles and gummies have their place in the daily routine of many people, including busy moms!
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Luna Bath Soak and Foot Soak


October 2019

  • Top Headline: 18 Dead from lung injuries tied to vaping
  • Fact: As of October 1, 2019, there were 1,080 reported cases matching the CDC criteria and 18 deaths. No single cause has been identified.  Retailers and Consumers remain fearful. None of the reported cases had to do with CBD vape products (only THC and nicotine).
  • Fiction: There has been enormous speculation about the possible causes of these injuries. Blame and attention has tended to focus on flavoring agents and thinning/thickening additives, particularly vitamin E acetate. Others have speculated that synthetic cannabinoids may be playing a role. Several state health departments have noted that injuries seem to correlate to THC vape cartridges that had been illegally manufactured and purchased on the black market. The truth is, nobody knows yet.
  • Opinion:  It’s the opinion of many cannabis experts that “inhaling additive-free, artisanal whole plant cannabis oil with a well-made vaping device is just as safe, if not more so, than smoking organically grown cannabis.
  • What we learned:  Keeping it clean should always be the top priority. We took this opportunity to evaluate our entire inhalation category as well as our edibles, tinctures, capsules and topicals.  We increased our standards, cut several products/brands, and are proud to continue to offer the highest quality hemp-derived CBD products in the country.
  • New at Nuts ‘n Berries
    • Luna Recovery Stick
    • Gataka CBD Chocolates


What will the future hold?

In April of 2019 there were 6.4 million google searches for CBD, many of which were looking for pain relief.  As our country continues to battle an opioid epidemic and chronic disease issues, we are searching for more than a cure - we are searching for a solution.  Is CBD that solution?  Maybe.  Getting to the root of the problem and finding a way to help the body get back into its natural balance state where it can heal itself is the solution.  CBD can do that for countless people.  So as we look to the future of this single molecule, what we believe will hold true is that CBD will not stand alone.  CBD works better with the other cannabinoids and terpenes that naturally occur in the cannabis plant.  CBD extracts work even better with other herbs.  Together, these products can help balance our mood states, our sleep cycles and even help us manage our bodies’ inflammation response leading to less pain. 

Nuts ‘n Berries intends to lead the way in the coming months.  Check out what’s in store:

November 2019 – Beat the holiday stress with weekly CBD deals!  Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop! @nutsnberriesatl

December 2019 – Find your Happy Place Contest.  For every CBD purchase you make in December you will receive one entry into our Find your Happy Place Contest to win 2 round trip tickets to paradise (valued at $750).  Fill everyone’s stockings with CBD products and celebrate every day of Hanukkah with your own special treat.  We want this to be your happiest holiday season ever!  Contest begins Friday, November 29th and ends December 31st.  Winner to be announced January 2nd.  Must be 18 to participate and purchase CBD.

And what’s ahead for 2020?  We are coming to Decatur, GA and into your home!  Our new store located at 2118 North Decatur Road (in the old Rainbow Grocery spot) will hope early spring and our online store is expanding its selection daily!  Check us out at to shop for your favorite products and have them delivered to the convenience of your home in any state in the US!

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