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Review SoulKu Enneagram NK Lemon Quartz - Five

SoulKu Enneagram NK Lemon Quartz - Five

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The perfect Enneagram gift for Type Five! Our Enneagram Collection was intentionally designed in collaboration with Enneagram Expert Sarajane Case using genuine gemstones that support and encourage each Enneagram type.


Basic Desire: “It’s important to me that I am capable, competent, and informed.”

Basic Fear: “I most fear being helpless, useless, or overwhelmed.”

Super Ego Message: “I know that I will be ok as long as I have something that I’ve truly mastered.”

Type Fives are analytical, observant, and insightful. They often felt as if they were either unable to get their needs met by their caregivers or were consumed by the presence of their family of origin. This developed a sense that a Type Five would need to meet their own needs in private through holding onto their resources. Type Fives are intentional about managing both their resources and their energy levels. Not so much out of selfishness or stinginess, but more so out of a belief that this is what is necessary to survive. Fives hold a continued awareness of this and make decisions to prevent depletion. There is also a drive to understand the world. A need to know the intricacies of life from all angles, all timelines, and all explanations. These two pieces often play together in someone who lives life through the safety of their mind. They experience the world through research, thought, and curiosity.

Type Fives are inquisitive, economical, studious, self-sufficient, and likely the most informed person you know.

Together with Sarajane we selected Lemon Quartz for Type Fives to help activate a sense of infinite abundance, energy, and strength.

  • 10 x 10 millimeter micro-faceted gemstone
  • Sterling silver lobster clasp
  • Mighty Miracle nylon cord
  • FSC certified card
  • One length, 16" with a sterling silver extender allowing it to be worn up to 18"