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Review LGCY Premium Sea Moss Gel, 9oz.

LGCY Premium Sea Moss Gel, 9oz.

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Sea Moss is known for its potential benefits for healthy skin, attributed to iodine and mineral compounds that aid in collagen production.
  • This can contribute to skin plumpness, wrinkle smoothing, toning, and addressing signs of aging. Furthermore, Sea Moss supports the healthy balance of thyroid hormones and assists in managing inflammation in the body, including joints.

  • This natural superfood contains compounds that may support healthy microbial and viral responses, potentially enhancing immunity. It is suggested to aid in the detoxification of the body from heavy metals and pollutants, as well as to promote a robust response to viruses, yeast, and bacteria that may need attention.

  • "NS" has been reported to have many therapeutic properties. Simply put, it can enhance the immune system and support respiratory health. NS also supports healthy cell growth, histamine and immune responses, heart health, healthy inflammation levels, and gut health, which are primarily attributed to its quinone constituents within the seeds.

  • The quinones found within NS are commonly used when dealing with the effects of Central Nervous System related imbalances in the body. It is a potent free radical scavenger for the cells, particularly in the brain regions, associated with learning, memory and many other cognitive functions.