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Review New Chapter Fermented Vitamin B12, 30t

New Chapter Fermented Vitamin B12, 30t

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Feel the benefits of easily digestible vegan Vitamin B12, good for energy support and healthy red blood cell formation.* This high-quality B12 supplement is expertly formulated for absorption.

Your body needs Vitamin B12 to metabolize protein from food into fuel. B12 is water soluble, which means it’s continually processed through the body rather than being stored. Vitamin B12 supplements are a reliable and easy way to replenish this vitamin each day. Since dietary Vitamin B12 (cobalamin) typically comes from animal products, supplementing can be key if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

  • Formulated for Absorption, 1000 mcg of B12

  • Energy & Healthy Blood Cell Suppor

  • Helps boost energy at the cellular level*

  • Promotes normal formation of healthy red blood cells*

  • Absorbs easily because it’s fermented and includes bioactive methylated B12

  • Provides an excellent source of this key nutrient (over 41,000% DV)

  • Includes blend of energy-supportive herbs with organic Maca root