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Review Dr. Herb Sistahs Womb Detox 32oz. Cayenne

Dr. Herb Sistahs Womb Detox 32oz. Cayenne

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VERY IMPORTANT: My Ginger formula is specifically formulated for women who have blood pressure problems, IBS or digestive issues. The 'Cayenne' vs 'Ginger' formulas are NOT flavors, they are herbal compounds made for specific reasons.

I used to call this product my 'Fibroid Free' Tonic. But I realized that the title didn't make my Sistahs understand that the tonic actually helps with ALL of your overall womb health (like yeast infection, PCOS, Endometriosis & and cramps). It is a Detox. The formula helps to move the waste, yeast and parasites that cause womb issues. It is because of this I recommend the Womb Detox tonic to women who are experiencing any kind of womb health issue. The Womb Detox is my most popular product. It is formulated to clear toxins from your body, improve your womb health and reduce your fibroids. More specifially the 'Womb Detox Tonic' helps with:

-Reducing Excessive bleeding

-Reducing the amount of menstrual days.

-Eliminating Excessive Yeast and Restoring The Wombs Natural Balance

-Increasing the removal of waste

-Eliminating Cramps

-Reducing and Eliminating Fibroids

-All Womb issues like: PCOS (Polycistic Ovary Syndrome), Endometriosis, Menorrhagia, Bacterial Vaginosis and others

DIRECTIONS: Take 2 oz before breakfast and bed. If you have excessively heavy cramps you can increase your dosage to up to 4oz. You can adjust your dosage back down again if your are experiencing strong initial side-effects.

SIDE EFFECTS YOU MAY EXPERIENCE: *Side effects such as itching (especially vaginal but also throughout the body), headches, flu-like symptoms. All symptoms will eventually subside, but you want to manage them so that they don't interfere with your daily activities.