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Review MaryRuth's Probiotic, Kid, Gummies, Strawberry, Organic, 60ct. (dc16)

MaryRuth's Probiotic, Kid, Gummies, Strawberry, Organic, 60ct. (dc16)

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The Perfect Probiotic for Picky Eaters! Give your kids these delicious strawberry gummies to help support their digestive health.
  • For the kiddos that want to enjoy a great-tasting gummy that also supports their gut and digestive health, look no further! 
  • Formulated with Bacillus subtilis, these probiotic gummies may help maintain normal gut comfort & function. 
  • The importance of a healthy gut microbiome is becoming increasingly well-known, and providing the gut with probiotics can be beneficial at any age. 
  • Though previous studies have focused on the gut microbiota developing and then stabilizing from birth until age 3, research is starting to look at the microbiome of children and their gut’s development in childhood years having an effect on their adult microbiome. 
  • These gummies may promote balanced and healthy microflora diversity, which should lead to normal regularity and overall gut comfort with healthy stools. 
  • Try these strawberry probiotic gummies to support a healthy gut and immune system for your child.