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Review Cultured Traditions Beet Kvass, Fire Cider, 16oz.

Cultured Traditions Beet Kvass, Fire Cider, 16oz.

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They call it the blood of the earth…. Beet Kvass is a traditional deeply cleansing and nourishing fermented beverage made from raw beets. It originated in Eastern Europe where it has been enjoyed for centuries.

It is an acquired taste for some – earthy, tangy, a little salty, slightly sweet – but if you already like beets you’ll probably like it right off.

Beets are considered to be a nutritional powerhouse, loaded with health promoting properties, and the fermentation process multiplies those, resulting in a clean and refreshing beverage with many health promoting qualities, among which many believe to be:

*efficient hydration (*far surpassing any of the commercial ‘sports drinks’ on the market),
*blood builder,
*liver detoxifier & cleanser,
*immune system builder, and the list goes on.

Give Beet Kvass a try, your body will love you for it!