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Review Body Dynamics Skin Drink Extreme Regeneration Hydrating Night Complex

Body Dynamics Skin Drink Extreme Regeneration Hydrating Night Complex

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Wake up Gorgeous! See visibly sculpted, deeply nourished and radiant skin. Wrinkles, sagging skin, and loss of elasticity. These are some of the fears that go through our head when we think of the aging process.

Dr Eric F Bernstein, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine says, “More than 80% (dry weight) of our skin is made of collagen.”

Scientific studies show that this advanced, concentrated formula penetrates the skins surface increasing collagen and elastin by 600%! Designed for mature skin, it will deliver a miraculous radiance and renewed texture within the first few minutes of application. Instant gratification that just keeps getting better!

This one of a kind hydrating and firming cream contains a unique complex of lifting and firming ingredients. Body Dynamics Inc., is the first to combine all of these in to one hard working, results oriented formula. It is designed to rejuvenate the skin while at rest, allowing penetrative ingredients to be absorbed deeply into the lowest layers of the skin where the cells are replicating. It replaces water, vitamins, minerals and proteins. The skin will actually feel firmer, smoother, and hydrated upon awakening.

Aloe Based, this formula provides the most up to date, effective, registered and trademarked ingredients known to tighten skin and reduce the deepest wrinkles. Read below to see why this works like nothing else!

AC DermaPeptide Lifting PBF R contains firming polymers with a pioneering technology that includes a combination of enzymatic hydrolysis and cross-linking. A high molecular weight biopolymer made from sweet almond proteins, this product contains large proteins that are perfect for adhering to the skin and forming a stable, pliant and lifting film. Sweet almonds are considered excellent emollients. A series of in vivo efficacy studies demonstrated AC DermaPeptide Lifting displayed immediate effects in alleviating the appearance of wrinkles, toning the skin.

Derm SRC combines bamboo silica, pea extract and glucosamine HCE in a synergistic complex that increases the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and induces cell proliferation and differentiation. These actions make skin firmer while making deeper wrinkles less visible. It increased exfoliation by 85%, procollagen synthesis by 84%, and increased hyaluronic acid synthesis by 85%. In 4 weeks volunteers looked 11 years younger!