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Review Ayoba Spicy Beef Biltong, 2oz

Ayoba Spicy Beef Biltong, 2oz

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Biltong is a South African recipe beef snack with exceptional flavor and a uniquely tender texture.

We start with the finest quality cuts of Grass-Fed Beef that are marinated and seasoned with only a few natural spices, then air-dried for up fourteen days! The result is a tender slice of beef with a naturally explosive flavor. The drying process also leaves more of the muscle fibers intact, meaning Ayoba Biltong has more protein than jerky! 

Our Biltong crafting process starts with selecting premium cuts of grass fed beef and marinating it to perfection with vinegar, only a few natural spices and no sugar!  

We then air dry our perfectly seasoned cuts of beef for up to 14 days in a temperature controlled room (instead of being cooked at a low temperature like jerky).

We then carefully slice our beef into thin, tender bite-size pieces. Biltong is convenient enough as an on-the-go protein snack, and premium enough for the fanciest of cheese boards!