Starts October 10th!

3 Weeks to Less Bloating & More Energy!

  • Are you mentally and physical exhausted?
  • Do you feel bloated after meals?
  • Looking to shed a few pounds?

It’s time to take the Bone Broth Challenge!  Join the Nuts ‘n Berries community as we take - and conquer - this challenge with owners, Mari Geier & Kevin Parker!

You’ve done a one-day juice cleanse, but 3 weeks? That’s no small undertaking. We got you covered! Mari & Kevin will guide you through each week of the challenge with educational and entertaining LIVE coaching calls. Plus, we are giving away so many great prizes! (See more details below.) You can take this challenge from anywhere! We'll ship you your products and all of the live coaching calls have virtual options.

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Included in the Challenge:

  • 3-Week Ancient Nutrition bone broth diet plan, with an instruction book and suggested shopping list
  • LIVE! support calls on Zoom with Nuts ‘n Berries owners, Mari Geier & Kevin Parker, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1PM ET (all calls will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience)
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook group for community connection
  • Direct one-on-one access with Nuts 'n Berries owner and wellness expert, Mari Geier, for weekly guidance and personal support through WhatsApp
  • Great products for your daily support, plus 10% discount on all purchases at Nuts ‘n Berries Neighborhood Market during the 3-week challenge. This includes:
    • One flavor of each of the Ancient Nutrition Sipping Bone Broth, 15-serving containers (Tomato Basil, Butternut Squash, Chicken Soup) (Retail $49.95 each)
    • One 60-serving container of Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein (unflavored) (Retail $52.95)
    • SPECIAL ADD-ON: One 21-day serving of digestive enzymes
  • Opportunities to win weekly prizes and a GRAND prize at the end of the challenge.


Early Bird Price (available through September 30th):  $150 (Save 50%)

Regular Price: $175 (Save $125)
Value: Over $200 in products alone!  Purchase Now


But wait, let's win some PRIZES!

If improving your gut health, losing weight and gaining increased energy are not incentive enough, this journey includes prizes!

  • Each week we will give away products and prizes. These will be announced during our M/W/F support calls. Winners will be chosen at random prior to the upcoming live call from a pool of participants who completed the social media task (details to come during orientation).
  • Here's what you need to do to win:
    • Listen to the support call (live or recorded)
    • Complete the quick weekly assignment (2 minutes or less and usually social media related)
    • Practice box breathing (one of the first things you'll learn during our first support call)
    • Collect your prize if your name is announced on the next scheduled support call! We will also message you directly if you win.
  • Prizes to win:
    • Free products
    • Free services
    • Gift Cards
    • T-shirts



  1. $100 Nuts ‘n Berries gift card
  2. Ancient Nutrition gift basket valued at $100 and, drumroll…
  3. Have a YAK from the 4,000 acre Ancient Nutrition farm named after you!
The grand prize winner will be determined on a point system as follows:
  • 1 point each for every social media challenge completed (9 total)
  • 1 point for attending orientation and completing the weigh-in challenge
  • 1 point for submitting your final weight from the challenge
  • 3 points for the person losing the greatest percentage of weight in the 3-week period
  • 2 points for the person losing the 2nd greatest percentage of weight in the 3-week period
  • 1 point for the person losing the 3rd greatest percentage of weight in the 3-week period

You won't have to lose weight to win!  Everyone who participates has a chance.

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What to expect each week:

Prior to DAY 1:  Sunday, October 9th - Orientation: Meet the team, pick up your products and review the plan. Orientation will be held at Nuts 'n Berries' Brookhaven location at 6pm and virtually via Zoom (this will be recorded).  If you are not local to the Atlanta market, we will ship your products to you and you can attend live via Zoom or watch at your convenience. All live sessions will be recorded and released shortly after.

Each week, we will have three LIVE education and motivation sessions with Nuts 'n Berries owners, Mari & Kevin. These will be broadcast in the Facebook community group and via Zoom (a link will be sent out ahead of the meeting time - 1PM ET). Each session will include the Challenge of the Day, which will need to be completed to be in the running for the grand prize and for the daily giveaway.  All sessions will be recorded and available to watch at your convenience.

Week 1

  • Monday, October 10th at 1PM - Plant the seeds of change with new habits, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Wednesday, October 12th at 1PM - Detoxing 101, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Friday, October 14th at 1PM - Embracing your environment to bring positive change and learning what the heck regenerative agriculture is, led by Mari & Kevin

Week 2

  • Monday, October 17th at 1PM - Making mental health a priority; easy steps you can do today, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Wednesday, October 19th at 1PM - More than just working out; nurture your body to a balanced weight, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Friday, October 21st at 1PM - Work with nature, not against it (yes, you!), led by Mari & Kevin

Week 3

  • Monday, October 24th at 1PM - Understanding stress and tools you can use to manage and conquer daily challenges, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Wednesday, October 26th at 1PM - Get immune strong, led by Mari & Kevin
  • Friday, October 28th at 1PM - Find new ways to do your part, led by Mari & Kevin

Celebration Events

  • Sunday, October 30th in Decatur (Hallo-Weed Party - time TBA)
  • Tuesday, November 1st in Brookhaven (Dia de los Muertos Celebration - time TBA)

We like to celebrate, what can we say?


Meet Mari

Mari Geier has been a staple in the Brookhaven wellness community for more than 15 years.  She started with The American Boot Camp Company and Brookhaven Fitness Studio and spent the first part of her career leading fellow community members through the mud and into better health.  After a bout with breast cancer, Mari retired from coaching in 2019 to focus on helping the larger community fuel their bodies and fill the gaps in their diet with supplements and non-GMO foods. 

Mari has decided to return to the coaching arena for this special challenge and looks forward to working with former clients and meeting new ones on this one-of-a kind journey!  Mari and the team at Nuts ‘n Berries welcome you to this program full of real solutions to get the nutrition your body needs. Whether you are a beginner seeking to supplement a healthy diet or you need additional support to understand a new health issue, the friendly staff at Nuts 'n Berries will guide you through the steps to create an easy-to-follow plan so you can get more out of life.


Meet Kevin

Kevin Parker is everyone's best buddy.  He's the guy you watch the game with, the best man at your wedding.  And he is a beginner when it comes to this program.  While he may own a health food store, Kevin brings a unique perspective to being healthy - FUN.  Too often we are consumed with a challenge and forget to enjoy the journey.  Kevin's role is to remind us that it's ok to not have all the answers and that any step towards health is one in the right direction!



I’m interested but I still have questions.

Do I have to be in Atlanta to participate?

Nope! We can mail your kit to you and you can do the entire program virtually from your home state (we do limit participation to US Residents). Everything we do will have a virtual component for increased convenience.

Are there prizes?

Yes! Each week we will give away products and prizes. These will be announced during our M/W/F support calls.  Winners will be chosen at random prior to the upcoming live call from a pool of participants who completed the required tasks. GRAND PRIZE INCLUDES: $100 Nuts ‘n Berries gift card, Ancient Nutrition gift basket valued at $100 and…drumroll… a YAK named after the winner on the 4,000 acre Ancient Nutrition Regenerative Farm in MO!

What do I have to do to win the grand prize?

The grand prize winner will have to complete the entire program including:

  • Before and after weigh-ins. Weight loss will be measured as a percentage of weight lost
  • Complete at least 4 of the 9 social challenges
  • The person that completes the most challenges and loses the most weight (by percentage) will win the grand prize!

Anyone can win! You’ll be competing against Mari & Kevin and they both want that YAK named after them!

I’ve never done a 3-week program before, how does it work?

The more you put into this program, the more you will get out of it. We are all adults, so no one will force you to do anything. This is not a boot camp program – no one will yell at you if you are not able to follow the plan perfectly. Life happens! We are here to support you, to help you learn about yourself and to introduce you to bigger concepts that can help you live a fuller life.

What if I miss a support call?

We definitely LOVE the energy and fun that being engaged in a live support call brings. But we know there are times when your schedule won’t allow you to attend the calls live. This is why every session will be recorded so you can watch or re-watch at your convenience.

This seems like a lot of great stuff, but what if I can’t make it all?

Don’t worry, this program is for your benefit. If you can’t make something we understand. While there will be minimum requirements that you have to complete to be considered for the grand prize, we understand that everyone has a different schedule. There are still several options to win prizes.

What if I don’t like the food plan or don’t want to follow intermittent fasting, can I still participate and win?

Yes! We’ve partnered with Ancient Nutrition to use their 3-Week Bone Broth Challenge nutritional plan, but if you follow the rules and complete the challenges, you will have a chance to win. If you miss a meal, don’t like intermittent fasting or choose to eat gluten, that’s up to you! 

What should I expect after I sign up?

You will get a welcome email with the links and dates to mark on your calendar. Orientation takes place on October 9th when you will get all the details for the program.


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