Our Team


Mari Geier  |  Co-Owner

Dedicated to destroying the phrase, "I can't,"  Nuts 'n Berries Co-owner, Mari Geier, has been active in the local Atlanta health movement for over 15 years.  A nutrition expert and Certified Health Coach, Mari has become Atlanta's foremost expert in hemp derived CBD and is always searching for creative solutions to help her clients and customers stay healthy. 

Mari grew up wanting to be the medicine man (think Sean Connery) and landed duel degrees in horticulture and anthropology from Penn state University.  After graduation, she hopped in her Grand Am and headed to Atlanta to start living that dream.  Working in a small retail garden center, she found her second love in small business.  She set off to learn everything she could and soon obtained her MBA.  20 years later, 14 of which she spent running her fitness business, The American Boot Camp Company, she has now come full circle and is surrounded daily with the herbs she once passionately studied and cultivated. 

Mari’s diverse background allows her to see health from many angles and gives her the ability to help others find their way to a healthier lifestyle. 


Kevin Parker |  Co-Owner

You'll find Co-owner, Kevin Parker, happily chatting with customers on the sales floor most days of the week.  He enjoys the challenge of retail sales and the rewards of introducing customers to the new local products.  Going on twenty-three years in the US Navy Supply Corps, Kevin is not your typical health food store owner.  He exemplifies physical fitness as lead instructor for the American Boot Camp Company for six years running. A Chicago native and alumnus of the University of Illinois, Kevin enjoys running half marathons, watching hockey, and playing softball and golf. Ask him about his favorite meat snacks!


Allison Hubbard

Our 20-year Chamblee native, small business owner, and mother of two talented teens brings an energy to our team unmatched by even the brightest of our whippersnappers. You’ll find her darting through the aisles and sampling out delicious snacks to all of our customers. Her to-do list is long, but her patience is longer.


Nelli Biddix, N.D.

Born in India, Nelli Biddix grew up in the mountains near the Himalayas. Spirituality and health have always been her keen focus, even as a child. Nelli was always looking for ways to help people with their health, take away their troubles and put a smile on their faces. She quickly realized that she was not suited for conventional medicine. Instead of masking symptoms with drugs and surgeries Nelli wanted to heal the body by understanding what was out of balance and working on the root cause so the body could heal. Her first professional job was in a health food store, which set her on the path of true healing. She went on to pursue her dream and became a certified Doctor of Naturopathy, a nutritional consultant, master herbalist and a health specialist.


Tobias Hiller

Tobias’s story is coming soon!