General Manager Job Description

Position: General Manager

Reports to:  Owners of Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market

Supervises: All retail store personnel (approximately 30+ employees across 2 locations)

Status: Exempt

Purpose - To oversee all aspects of day to day operations, and to meet organizational goals established by the owners, while remaining within defined limits and aligned with Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market’s mission statement.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The General Manager is responsible for the overall operations of the business and is expected to honor and promote the Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market brand and values. The General Manager is accountable for all of the following:


  • Plan for ongoing operational needs, including staffing, technology, facilities and equipment.
  • Develop, maintain, and assess internal infrastructure for effective management.
  • Ensure cleanliness, safety and maintenance of both stores.
  • Implement strategic planning as approved by the owners.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Oversee expansions, moves and major remodel, repair and maintenance projects.
  • Negotiate leases and repairs with landlords as needed
  • Ensure appropriate asset protection through adequate insurance for all operations.
  • Maintain security of physical facilities, inventory, and records.

Budget and Fiscal

  • Prepare annual budget and periodic monitoring and reporting.
  • Supervise and manage expenditures and acquisitions.
  • Oversee auditing.
  • Ensure adequate financial records and internal controls to provide timely and accurate financial statements
  • Ensure that financial assets are adequately safeguarded from loss.
  • Perform in-depth financial analysis and promptly address financial problems.
  • Plan for the financial future of Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market, including use of member equity, financing needs, future profitability, etc.

Planning and Leadership

  • Keep current on natural food products, competitors' prices, our relationship with INFRA, and business trends in the natural foods industry.
  • Liaise with store/department managers to address material needs, review reports, set and oversee performance objectives.
  • Coordinate preparation of annual plan with operational projections and budgets for owner approval.
  • In conjunction with the owners and management team, participate in strategic planning sessions and creation of long-term plans.


  • Prepare for and participate in management meetings.
  • Present timely, accurate and understandable reports to the owners supported with appropriate data and analysis.
  • Inform and educate the owners in industry standards and expectations.
  • Implement owner directives and follow-up on owners concerns
  • Keep the owners apprised on issues of concern or significant changes in operations
  • Advise and assist the owners in formulating objectives and policies.

Human Resources/Personnel

  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, professional development and supervision of the management team members and administrative staff.
  • Collaborate with management in overall staffing and supervision.
  • Implement in-house and offsite trainings as necessary.
  • Ensure personnel policies and procedures are effective, equitable and support Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market’s values.
  • Oversee the development, maintenance and implementation of the Employee Handbook.
  • Establish and maintain channels for employee input and recognition.
  • Maintain a succession plan to safeguard Nuts ‘n Berries from sudden loss of GM services.

Nuts ‘n Berries Customer Rewards Club Program

  • Ensure clear and effective communications to the membership.
  • Ensure overall member satisfaction by monitoring key indicators.
  • Develop and monitor the usage and value of the member rewards program.
  • Maintain accurate membership records and safeguard access to member information.


  • Ensure Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market is marketed to the community to increase sales, rewards club membership, and visibility within the community.
  • Ensure the use of effective merchandising.
  • Represent Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market (or designate a delegate) to the general public, media and other businesses in the community.
  • Ensure Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market provides outstanding customer service to its members and customers.


  • Demonstrated proficiency in data-driven decision-making.
  • Demonstrated ability in utilizing analytical and proactive approaches to daily operational management, including management of cash flows, margins, labor, inventory, and departmental performance.
  • Working understanding of financial statements and their interpretation and use as a decision-making tool.
  • Previous retail store management required; retail grocery management preferred.
  • Outstanding customer service and interpersonal skills.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Willingness to be accountable for all aspects of store performance.
  • Knowledge of natural, organic, and sustainably produced foods and supplements.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Experience and skill in financial planning, budgeting, and marketing.
  • Proficiency in office technology and spreadsheets.
  • Experience with QuickBooks preferred.
  • Demonstrated initiative, leadership ability.
  • A willingness to embrace the owners’ values and principles in regards to Nuts ‘n Berries Healthy Market.
  • Ability to delegate when appropriate.


The job duties, elements, responsibilities, skills, functions, experience, educational factors and the requirements and conditions listed in this job description are representative only and not exhaustive of the tasks that an employee may be required to perform. The employer reserves the right to revise this job description at any time and require employees to perform other tasks as circumstances or conditions of its business, competitive considerations or the work environment change.

If you meet these requirements and are interested in joining our team, please email your resume to