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Review Laughing Tansy Sun Dew Reparative Moisturizer, 1oz

Laughing Tansy Sun Dew Reparative Moisturizer, 1oz

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Moisture, moisture, moisture! This herbal infused balm is the perfect antidote to dermal water loss, and is great for skin types ranging from normal to parched and desert-dry.

This concentrated formula uses powerful botanicals extracted into nourishing oils to restore and strengthen the skin’s protective lipid barrier and leave your skin feeling soothed and silky, nourished and glowing.

How to Use:

Apply on clean, damp face and décolletage as your last step to lock in long-lasting hydration. For added benefit, apply after Amber Glow Antioxidant Oil Serum. Sun Dew can also be used as an overnight sleeping mask.

Tip: If your balm becomes grainy or has white specks don't worry one bit! That is shea butter and it is totally safe to use! Once it hits your skin it will melt like normal. If you want to bring back the smoother texture here's what you can do! Make sure the cap on the jar is on tight and place it in shallow bowl of hot water. Place the balm in the fridge once it has complexly liquified. This will restore it to its original, smooth and silky texture.