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Herbs Etc. Loviral, 1oz.

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Herbs Etc. Loviral Liquid 1oz.

Loviralâ„¢ Enhances function of immune and respiratory systems. Supports healthy sinuses, throat, lungs, and pulmonary tissues. Thins and loosens mucus, promotes expectoration and ensures strong immune response.
Ingredients: Lomatium root, Pelargonium (Umckaloabo) root, Osha root, fresh Elder berry, Andrographis herb, Honeysuckle flower, fresh Grindelia flower, Elecampane root, Echinacea angustifolia root, Licorice root, Elder flower, fresh Yarrow flower top and fresh Lobelia herb in bladder seed stage. Gluten Free
Suggested Use:
Take 30 drops in water every two to three hours until lung health is restored.