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30 Jan 2022

Meet Our Newest Nuts

Y’all know we’re a nutty family: from our loyal customers like to you our newest staff members, we get personal. That’s what makes us a local neighborhood market. We love when you share who you are with us when you come see us, so we think it’s important that you get to know us, too; those who are there for you when you walk through our doors! We sat down with our newest Nuts (and those flip-flop Nuts) to get a peek into their lives.



  1. Where are you from? I'm from Palmdale, CA. Been in Ga for 4 months now!
  2. What does local mean to you? Local, to me, stands for items and crafts derived from a close proximity community, made by the members of that community.
  3. What brought you to Nuts ‘n Berries? What brought me to NNB is the familiarity for a community-based small business that serves to educate others of healthy food/lifestyle options. My former employer was The Whole Wheatery, a fellow INFRA store in Southern California, whose owner, Cheryl Hughes, is a board member for INFRA. Long Live the Little Guys! Lol
  4. What do you do outside of work? Outside of work, I am a freelance Graphic Designer, who is assisting her grandmother with her local (Lawrenceville, GA) skincare business, HoneyBee Botanicals.
  5. What is your favorite product? My favorite Product is Natural Factors Whole Earth & Sea Women's Multi. We don't carry it at the Decatur location, but maybe one day! It is the best, wholefood-derived multi that I have taken. Highly recommended!
  6. One fun fact! One fun fact about myself is that I used to be an American Tribal Style Belly dancer before the pandemic started. I love to dance!




  1. Where are you from? I am from Roswell and I have been practicing Natural Medicine (herbs and supplements) for over 20 years! 
  2. What does local mean to you? Local means the surrounding area that can affect you or feed you. For example, for allergy season you only want local honey or bee pollen to help with your springtime allergies.
  3. What brought you to Nuts ‘n Berries? Really, I love the layout of the store it has a little something for everyone. I call it a boutique health food store. 
  4. What do you do outside of work? I do consultations on detoxification and infrared sauna and currently writing a book on detoxification… my passion. 
  5. What is your favorite product and why? Oregano oil! Natural Factors said I sold more oregano oil than anyone in the Southeast. I have had loads of testimonies and miracles using it for so many different ailments.
  6. One fun fact! Dr Bernard Jenson saved my life when I was 28 and I want to dedicate my book to this pioneer of nutrition and his famous book Tissue Cleansing thru Bowel Management.



  1. Where are you from? Philadelphia suburbs.
  2. What does local mean to you? Community made. 
  3. What brought you to NNB? Longtime customer, seemed like it would be a good fit job wise. Liked the vibe of the store and the employees. 
  4. What do you do outside of work? Reading, writing, walking in the park.
  5. Favorite product and why? Witchy Kombvchy. Ginger/Apricot flavor. Refreshing and good for you! Tempeh bites. Yummy in one’s tummy.
  6. One fun fact! Had multiple poems published in National Geographic.





  1. Where are you from? I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but I’ve been living in Atlanta since 2014!
  2. What does local mean to you? To me, local means community you can count on. You build relationships with small businesses and customers, and then do everything in your power to support each other however you can.
  3. What brought you to NNB? Family and opportunity! Mari, one of the owners, is my stepmom. When I was offered a job in the kitchen here at NNB, I was given a lot of freedom to make good, healthy, delicious food for people  - and that’s about the best thing a cook can ask for!
  4. What do you do outside of work? Outside of work, I do a lot of reading, drinking coffee, and writing. I’ve been working on getting back into writing fiction, and it’s definitely a work in progress these days. Slowly but surely!
  5. Favorite product and why? My all-time favorite product at NNB is either the CALM magnesium gummies (the berry ones!) or the Indigo Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap bar. The CALM gummies help a lot with anxiety, stress, and fatigue, and the soap bar smells lovely and makes your skin feel so soft!
  6. One fun fact! A fun fact about myself is that I used to run cross country in high school, and I’ve run the Peachtree Road Race twice! Trail running is my favorite, though.


And now, our flip-floppers, Stan and John! Not new to the family, but new to the neighborhoods. Our Decatur customers may have recently met John and our Brookhaven neighbors may have seen Stan around. So, who are these new faces?



  1. Where are you from? Greenville, SC. Moved to Athens for grad school then to Atlanta to be a teacher.
  2. What does local mean to you? Made or grown in the ATL metro area
  3. What brought you to NNB? The passion for CBD and THC science made me swoon and the excellent product amazed me. 
  4. What do you do outside of work? I make herbal tinctures from plants I grow, design & make non-traditional classical guitars ( Researching and currently developing an online ‘zine about the intersection of art and blockchain technology (
  5. Favorite product and why? Luna’s Good Vibes never disappoints nor overwhelms! It always makes me relaxed & happy. It's just perfect!
  6. One fun fact! I was once in a band that had a song selected for a scene in an episode of The Sopranos.



  1. Where are you from? I grew up in Reidsville NC.
  2. What does local mean to you? Local – to me – is homemade, home grown, provided by my neighbor. "Neighbor" is open to interpretation.
  3. What brought you to Nuts ‘n Berries? I was an occasional Rainbow customer, and was keenly aware of the void created when the closed. I also knew intuitively that it would be a great opportunity for NnB to fill that void. So, I knew it was going to happen. I wanted to be a part of opening the new store, to learn/ gain OTJ knowledge of the supplement world, SO, I jumped on the personal opportunity.
  4. What do you do outside of work? Energy healing work (if interested in more of that, hit me up by direct message or conversation); musician; outdoor/hiking/ being with m' doggo.
  5. What is your favorite product and why? Batdorf & Brons. coffee. Excellent/fresh roasted just the other day type of product. I also have a history & good relationship with their customer service rep Ren Doughty (an ex-military guy); I've been to their roastery, seen their processes, I've seen their integrity. Integrity. Means. Everything. (it's the core of any good relationship).
  6. One fun fact! I am ex-military...I used to jump out of airplanes & blow things I'm a happy hippie.




suzette - 01 Feb 2022 - 14:59
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