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07 Nov 2018

Bone Health – A Quick Lesson From Our Friends At MegaFood

Howdy Nuts!  Ever wonder why so many calcium supplements also include vitamins D3 and K2?

Sometimes we get in the pattern of using vitamin supplements because we “heard it’s good for you,” but not knowing actually WHY we take what we do.  If you’re taking a calcium supplement for bone health, take a closer look at the ingredient label – you’ll notice that in the vast majority of them, it includes a component of both Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2.  Does more make it better?  Well, kind of – but maybe not in the way you think – they aren’t just bonus vitamins there’s a reason they’re in there!  Check out this short video from one of our favorite vendors, MegaFood…to learn why and how calcium, D3, and K2 all work together to get you what you and your bones need.  If it can teach me something, I guarantee it can teach ANYONE.  Check it out:

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